About AVANDImusic

Andi from Duisburg, Germany.
I started with electronic music when I was a teenager but stopped that hobby for some time. About 5 years ago I rediscovered my old passion and started to produce music again.

My Pseudonym for everything I do with Trance  Music is AVANTRA.

Update Nov 2018:

I started a new DJ Mixshow, the AVANDImusic Uplifting Trance Revelation. It is available on my YouTube channel, on Mixcloud and as a podcast:

Youtube Playlist



Stay tuned for the newest episodes.

Update October 2015:

My newest release AVANTRA – The Return [Free Download]:

It reached Number One at the Uptrax Charts on radio sunshine live. Very interesting what the DJ says at the end of the track. 😉

My tracks on Soundcloud:  soundcloud.com/AVANDImusic

My videos on YouTube:  youtube.com/user/AVANDImusic

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